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Bodega Borras, Catalan, Eixample – Foodie in Barcelona

The bar at Bodega Borras with the headwaiter within the foreground.

There’s a giant desk behind Bodega Borràs for lunch in the present day. Silver-haired clients, of their ultralight weight puffer jackets, Catalan, from the neighbourhood and due to this fact most probably rich. That’s why all of them order the menu del dia. I don’t know what they’re speaking about, perhaps somebody’s cataract surgical procedure however they’ve the benefit of people that know the onerous half is behind them. One of many youthful girls, in her sixties, goes to lean over the bar and asks a query. She surreptitiously rests her hand on the good-looking head waiter’s decrease again earlier than transferring onto his arm and leaving her hand there. I’m going to be that lady I believe.

Subsequent to me one other older couple is seated, they greet me as they sit down. He faces the wall, as is his lot and waits for her to make the selections.
No wine as a result of it’s too early for that (I shrink in my seat).
Is the dish on the menu ready the standard means?
As a result of the standard means comes with cod and she or he doesn’t fancy cod.
Oh, it’s?
Then, no.

The Borràs Gilda with Sorrel, pepper and olive emulsion.

It is going to be the menu del dia for her, she makes her selection, they usually each order the meat with truffled Parmentier potatoes. He visibly relaxes, a soldier dismissed. I postulate, to the glass of wine I’m having fun with too early within the day, that this lady performed the lengthy recreation. Maybe the stability of energy was totally different in mid-life but it surely’s firmly in her lap now.

These Parmentier potatoes towards a sludgy brown puddle of disintegrating onions with gristly ribbons of beef with that cheeky glass of purple are consolation meals at its greatest. Potatoes make life higher. Truffles infinitely so.

The bar at Bodega Borràs.

By this level, the eating room has stuffed. I’ve volunteered to complete my dessert on the bar to offer a walk-in couple my extra snug desk. (It’s good to be good.) I ask one other server, this one who hasn’t been groped if the median age is equally elevated at night time. “Oh no,” he smiles, “these are simply our locals who come for lunch, they love the menu del dia.” As do I, I’m prepared for my Catalan citizenship ought to anybody wish to bestow it upon me. And I’ll take a well-appointed flat with encaustic ground tiles.

The wine choice at Bodega Borràs.

I’ve the perception to pay the 4€ surcharge to have the deconstructed Gilda Borràs model and I’m proud of the menu del dia however on my different facet is a younger man in tracksuit bottoms with a backpack who’s taking photos along with his Samsung. He has two oysters, a canelone and a paella for one. All of them look beautiful. I need his lunch although I’m on the dessert a part of my lunch. Later when I’m seated on the bar, my gaze falls on a Jamón leg, Carquiñoles from Sant Quinti, and large jars of home-cured Arbequina olives 11.11.21. Bodega Borràs is equally a spot to take pleasure in a glass of wine and a number of Catalan charcuterie or cheese. A thoughtfully edited number of Catalan mains consists of Capipota with tripe and 4 chickpeas.

There’s one remaining factor I’ve to say about Bodega Borràs, the inside. I like the inside. A slim entrance provides approach to a giant eating room. The lighting is excellent, with puddles of sunshine and swimming pools of darkish. The bar glows white whereas the purple couch banquettes greedily suck up gentle. Wine barrels adorn the far wall. Even the cross-over again straps of the blue aprons over starched white shirts work.

I shall be again for dinner if solely to see what the clientele is like at night time and have my wine on the applicable time.

Bodega Borràs
Carrer De Casanova 85

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