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Ham and cheese omelette | RecipeTin Eats

I’ve up to date the best way I make omelettes. This “scrambled egg” method is simpler and yields a greater outcome with out having to fret about uncooked egg within the center. Right now’s omelette recipe is crammed with ham and cheese. Sauté your ham first!

Freshly made Ham and Cheese Omelette

Ham and cheese omelette

I used to prepare dinner omelettes utilizing the method whereby you raise the sting then tilt the pan to permit the uncooked egg to run beneath. Whereas that methodology works advantageous, it does generally tend for the danger of uncooked egg within the center except you’re taking the omelette to barely golden on the floor. Whereas completely acceptable to me and in day by day diners, this can be a no-go zone within the high-end culinary world. The floor of omelettes shouldn’t also have a trace of golden color and the floor ought to be swirl-free. Like this:

That’s a French omelette, by the best way. It’s often folded in 3, like above, or formed like an almond fairly than half moon. The within is a bit more fluffy than creamy like mine, and there is a bit more method behind it. If you need it, ask me for it! Perhaps I ought to get our French Chef JB to show you make it – would you want that? 🙂

As for at present’s omelette, it’s a homestyle one and rather more rustic trying. However however nearly as good as you’ll get at any respectable breakfast bistro round city!

Gooey inside of Ham and Cheese Omelette

What it’s essential make an omelette

All it’s essential make the omelette itself is eggs, a pinch of salt and butter or oil for cooking. On the matter of cream or milk – see under!

Ingredients in Ham and Cheese Omelette

Do you add cream, milk or water to omelettes? A splash of cream (or milk) is alleged to make omelettes slightly creamier. However in all honesty, the cooking method makes rather more of a distinction. Nobody will ever know in case you do or don’t embody cream. Whereas all people will know in case your omelette is dry and rubbery!!

For me personally, I can’t break the behavior so I add cream if I’ve it, and milk if I don’t.

A word on salt – Eggs, bizarrely, can solely take the smallest quantity of salt. Even 1/8 teaspoon of salt for 3 eggs makes it too salty – even with out ham and cheese. For my egg sandwiches filling, I solely use 1/8 teaspoon salt throughout 6 entire eggs! So for a 3 egg omelette, you solely want a pinch of salt.

Butter vs oil – Butter wins each time for flavour! Oil works advantageous and you may get away with utilizing much less. But it surely doesn’t add to flavour except you employ a extremely good additional virgin olive oil.

Ham and cheese for omelette

Right now’s omelette is full of ham and cheese. For comfort, I used pre-chopped ham (I like that they’re a bit meatier than utilizing sliced ham). Should you use sliced ham, simply chop it into batons or tear into strips.

As for the cheese, I all the time shred my very own as a result of it melts simpler than store-bought shredded which is coated with anti-caking brokers. Retailer-bought can be reduce thicker which implies it takes longer to soften in omelettes.

Use a flavoured melting cheese, like colby (I take advantage of this), gruyere, tasty, cheddar, Monterey Jack. Mozzarella melts nice however doesn’t have as a lot flavour so that you may need to add a sprinkle of parmesan or pinch of salt on the cheese itself.

Different issues to place in omelettes

I’m shameless – I’ll put nearly something in an omelette. Listed below are some strategies – apparent and fewer apparent!

It’s gotta be non-stick!

No matter dimension pan you employ, make certain it has a good non-stick coating. Eggs are the world’s finest pure meals glue!

Best pan to make an omelette

Pan dimension – The thickness of your omelette will likely be decided by the scale of your omelette pan. I take advantage of a 24cm / 9 1/2″ Tefal non-stick pan measured from rim to rim, and that is the scale measure the pan is offered as. It has a curved edge, so the flat base of this pan measures 18cm / 7 1/4″ in diameter. That is the scale the omelette comes out.

A smaller omelette pan will make a thicker omelette that may take slightly longer to prepare dinner by means of. A bigger pan will make a thinner omelette. The opposite factor with a bigger omelette is that it may be slightly trickier to fold in half, however nothing slightly confidence and fast flick of the wrist can handle!

Find out how to make a ham and cheese omelette

I all the time sauté the ham first, not solely to offer it slightly flavour but additionally as a result of the nice and cozy ham helps the cheese soften quicker so that you don’t have to fret about over-cooking the omelette to get oozy cheese. No person desires to chop into an omelette solely to seek out the cheese inside is just not melted!!

How to make a Ham and Cheese Omelette
  1. Whisk the eggs with a pinch of salt and cream or milk (if utilizing). Whisk nicely till totally mixed and a bit foamy – takes me about 10 seconds with a mini whisk.

  2. Instruments – Use a non stick 24cm/9.5″ extensive pan, or thereabouts (18cm/7 1/4″ flat base). You will want a minimum of 1 rubber spatula for cooking, although 2 will make your omelette folding life a complete lot simpler!

How to make a Ham and Cheese Omelette
  1. Sauté ham – Soften a tiny dab of butter within the pan over medium warmth. As soon as foaming, swirl/unfold then, utilizing a rubber spatula (which we’d like for the omelette), prepare dinner the ham only for a minute or two till it’s warmed by means of. Switch to a bowl and put aside.

  2. Medium low to medium warmth – Return the pan to the range and soften the remaining butter till foaming. We would like the range on reasonable warmth – which may be medium low or low for you, relying on the power of your range and the scale of the range ring you’re utilizing. We don’t need it too excessive else you’ll must take care of the floor burning earlier than the within cooks by means of. Too low, and the omelette takes so lengthy to prepare dinner it form of turns rubbery. We have to discover the joyful medium!

How to make a Ham and Cheese Omelette
  1. Semi-scrambled your eggs! Give the eggs a fast whisk then pour into the pan. Go away it for 15 seconds or till you see the perimeters simply begin to set. Then, utilizing the rubber spatula, begin making lengthy, leisurely strokes, scraping the cooked eggs off the bottom to permit the raw egg to run, till the eggs are partially cooked.

    GOAL – The eggs ought to be nonetheless uncooked sufficient to unfold like jam throughout the bottom of the skillet, however not uncooked sufficient that the eggs run once you tilt the pan.

    TIP – If at any level you’re feeling just like the eggs are cooking too quick, simply take away the skillet off the range!

  2. Unfold the custardy semi-scrambled eggs throughout the bottom of the skillet and roughly clean the floor. Tidy the perimeters, in case you you’re feeling so inclined. (I really feel inclined).

How to make a Ham and Cheese Omelette
  1. High – Sprinkle half the omelette with the cheese, then the warmed ham (this helps soften the cheese).

  2. Fold – Make sure the bare aspect of the omelette is just not caught by working the rubber spatula across the edge (it gained’t be, since you are utilizing a very good non-stick pan!). Then utilizing 2 rubber spatulas, fold the omelette over.

How to make a Ham and Cheese Omelette
  1. Non-obligatory tidy – At this level, typically I could push the perimeters in to make them good and tidy. Different instances, I see the ooze of cheese and suppose that’s the prettiest sight on this planet, why on earth would anybody push that inside to cover it??!

  2. Slide (or flip) out – Checking once more to make sure the omelette is just not caught to the pan. Then both slide the omelette out like a traditional particular person or be a bit cheffy and flip it out onto the plate. I present each within the video. Then EAT!

Ham and Cheese Omelette on toast

I can’t imagine I wrote a lot concerning the humble omelette. Generally I even amaze myself at how a lot I’ve to say about any sort of meals!

I’m sorry if I overwhelmed you. And be at liberty to maintain making omelettes as you could have been all of your life. I get it. Should you’re joyful along with your omelette sport, don’t change it! In reality, share your ideas!! Carry on the Omelette Debate! – Nagi x

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Freshly made Ham and Cheese Omelette

Ham and cheese omelette


Faucet or hover to scale

Recipe video above. This “scrambled egg” methodology is a superb, straightforward method to make omelettes which might be smooth and custardy inside with out worries about uncooked egg within the center. Primarily, you make smooth scrambled eggs, then unfold (like jam) throughout the pan so it units into an omelette. Fill, fold, serve!Makes 1 omelette, a filling meal for one.


Serving (elective, pictured)


  • Warmth management – If at any stage your omelette is cooking too quick, take away the pan off the range to let it settle down and decrease the warmth.

  • Whisk the eggs, salt and cream in a bowl for 10 seconds till barely foamy.

  • Heat ham – Soften 1/3 of the butter in a 24cm/9.5″ non-stick pan (or thereabouts, Observe 5) over medium warmth till foamy. Swirl/unfold to coat the bottom, then prepare dinner ham utilizing a rubber spatula for 90 seconds till warmed by means of. Take away into bowl.

  • Semi-scramble eggs – Soften and swirl remaining butter within the pan. Give the eggs a fast whisk then pour into the pan. Go away for 15 seconds or till the very edges set, then do lengthy leisurely strokes round and throughout the pan to scrape up cooked egg and let the uncooked egg run onto the bottom. Proceed for 30 seconds or so till the egg is partially cooked. GOAL: moist sufficient to unfold like jam, however not so moist that the egg runs once you tilt the pan.

  • Unfold the egg evenly throughout the pan (no have to be meticulous). High half with cheese, then ham. (By this time, the omelette ought to be nearly cooked by means of however nonetheless shiny/custardy on the floor).

  • Loosen the bare aspect then fold over utilizing 2 rubber spatulas. Go away within the pan for one more 30 seconds to soften the cheese and end cooking inside.

  • Serve – Slide or flip onto a plate and serve! Sprinkle with chives if desired.

Recipe Notes:

1. Cream or milk is alleged to make omelettes extra creamy (in addition to including a bit of additional bulk). However actually, the proper cooking methodology makes rather more of a distinction. Prepare dinner an omelette nicely, and nobody can inform in case you’ve included cream or not – I’ve carried out a blind check. Nonetheless, I nonetheless add it out of behavior!
2. Ham – I just like the ham bits to have a little bit of chunk to them. If utilizing skinny slices, chop into small strips or tear with fingers.
3. Cheese – Any melting cheese works advantageous right here, I like Colby as a terrific all-rounder I take advantage of for a lot of issues. Mozzarella melts nice however doesn’t have flavour like different cheeses so both add a sprinkle of parmesan or pinch of salt on the cheese.
Shred your personal cheese to make sure it melts. Retailer purchased pre-shredded is thicker reduce and has anti-caking agent on it so it doesn’t soften as nicely. It has a spot in life for comfort, however omelettes is just not one in all them!
4. Roasted cherry tomatoes – Drizzle with oil, sprinkle with salt and pepper. Roast quarter-hour at 200°C/400°F (180°C fan) till a bit wrinkly (I do that for the final quarter-hour with mushrooms).
5. Skillet dimension
6. Leftovers will preserve for 3 days within the fridge or freezer for 3 months.
Vitamin per omelette. That is filling, even with out toast!

Vitamin Info:

Energy: 595cal (30%)Carbohydrates: 2g (1%)Protein: 35g (70%)Fats: 49g (75%)Saturated Fats: 25g (156%)Polyunsaturated Fats: 4gMonounsaturated Fats: 16gTrans Fats: 1gLdl cholesterol: 601mg (200%)Sodium: 907mg (39%)Potassium: 365mg (10%)Sugar: 1g (1%)Vitamin A: 1682IU (34%)Vitamin C: 0.1mgCalcium: 361mg (36%)Iron: 3mg (17%)

Extra egg life necessities

Lifetime of Dozer

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