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How To Remodel Espresso Into A Scrumptious Superfood Powerhouse – BoKU® Superfood

How To Transform Your Coffee Into A Delicious Superfood Powerhouse

Can’t stop espresso? 

Will it’s a freezing day in hell earlier than you give it up? Will we have now to pry your favourite espresso mug out of your chilly lifeless palms? 

OK, we get it. You like your espresso. This publish isn’t meant as a lecture on the evils of espresso consumption. The truth is, there are some well-researched well being advantages of consuming espresso. 

Identical to alcohol, extra isn’t higher; moderation is the important thing. 

However what this publish is meant to do is improve your espresso expertise and make it more healthy. By including sure spices and powders, you may remodel peculiar espresso into an anti-inflammatory and immune-supporting powerhouse. 

Advantages Of Common Espresso

You’ve heard in regards to the healthiest tea on the planet—SUPER MATCHA GREEN TEAand even perhaps drink it within the afternoon to maintain your vitality up. 

We expect Tremendous Matcha is superior to common espresso when it comes to phytonutrient density.

However espresso by itself is not any slouch of a beverage. The truth is, a number of research affirm its well being advantages. For instance, analysis printed within the Journal of Medicinal Meals says that espresso exerts physiological antioxidant and anti inflammatory actions. 

Love darkish roast espresso? Then you could need to rethink. That’s as a result of the darker the roast, the decrease the antioxidant and anti inflammatory results from the espresso, the researchers noticed. 

Italian researchers printed an article in Alimentary Pharmacology & Therapeutics that discovered that average espresso consumption (5 cups a day max) elevated blood ranges of the physique’s grasp inside antioxidant, glutathione. (Prompt studying: Greatest Superfoods For Your Physique’s Inside Antioxidants)

Extra advantages of espresso: it incorporates the polyphenol antioxidant, chlorogenic acid, which helps metabolize blood sugar and dietary fats, and possesses antioxidant and anti-bacterial properties. (Hmm: Must you wash your palms with espresso?) 

It goes with out saying that there could be downsides to consuming an excessive amount of espresso, resembling triggering anxiousness and jitters. And that if you’ve got intestine points, you could need to severely limit your espresso consumption. That’s as a result of espresso is acidic. With a view to overcome intestine points, you might want to eat meals that push blood pH extra into alkaline territory, even when it’s a tiny quantity. (Which is why we love Tremendous Matcha. It’s alkaline, not acidic.) 


Is Superfood Espresso Bulletproof?

Possibly you’ve heard about “Bulletproof Espresso” or an identical tackle it. In case you’ve got heard of it however aren’t precisely certain what it’s, right here’s the inside track… 

Regardless of its advertising hype, Bulletproof Espresso isn’t superfood espresso. The truth is, for sure individuals with a genetic predisposition (the ApoE4 gene), some specialists truly imagine it may be like a bullet to the guts. Why? It’s as a result of the primary elements in it—MCT oil and butter—are very excessive in saturated fats.

If you’re genetically predisposed to heart problems, having bulletproof espresso on a regular basis might contribute to a coronary heart assault or stroke. Some individuals additionally add coconut oil to their espresso with the intention to add fats, which may decelerate the results of caffeine. 


Now, we’re not essentially taking sides right here however many specialists imagine that coconut oil, which can be very excessive in saturated fats — as much as 85% of the fats content material in coconut oil is saturated — isn’t wholesome for sure people predisposed to heart problems.

The rationale why individuals have been led to imagine that high-fat espresso is a superfood is due to the recognition of extremely low-carbohydrate ketogenic diets, which restrict internet carbohydrate consumption to 25-50 grams per day. (The typical American consumes roughly 275 grams of carbs per day). 

Doubtless, it is best to limit all heavily-processed carbs like bagels and enriched-flour bread and pastries. However until you’ve got an autoimmune illness or epilepsy, there’s no cause why you might want to severely limit your consumption of carbs. Complete-grains, vegatables and fruits are nutrient-dense meals; eliminating them from the weight loss plan can backfire. 

Substances For Superfood Espresso 

So now that what not to place in your espresso each morning (a ton of saturated fats), let’s cowl what it is best to put in. 

Typically, the elements beneath have all been backed by analysis research to assist the immune system and preserve a standard irritation response within the physique. 

Right here’s what we recommend including to your espresso:

  • SUPER ‘SHROOMS – an adaptogenic mushroom powder with 20 fabulous fungi, probably the most of any model!
  • Cinnamon powder
  • Ginger powder
  • Cardamom powder
  • Turmeric powder
  • Black pepper 
  • Cayenne pepper
  • Coconut palm sugar
  • Non-dairy creamer (BōKU is busy creating a superfood non-dairy primarily based creamer! Keep tuned for particulars.)

Advantages of Superfood Espresso

If we listed each single profit, primarily based on each single phytonutrient in every ingredient, we’d be right here all day. 

So let’s simply spotlight a few of them:

  • Neutralizes Stress: The 20 mushrooms in SUPER SHROOMS are thought-about by herbalists to be adaptogenic herbs (adaptogens), which normalize bodily features and assist neutralize the harm attributable to bodily, emotional and environmental stress. 

  • Helps blood sugar rangesCINNAMON powder imitates the results of insulin and will increase the quantity of glucose that enters into the cells. 
  • Lowers blood strain: That is one in all simply 10 confirmed advantages of CARDAMOM, in accordance with Healthline, which additionally lists digestion assist.
  • Cardiovascular assist: TURMERIC is probably probably the most well-researched spice on Earth. It possesses robust anti-inflammatory and antioxidant actions and is assumed to exert heart-protective results. Black pepper dramatically will increase the absorption fee of turmeric in order that’s why it is best to add a pinch of it to superfood your espresso.

  • Digestive assist: GINGER has been used for millennia to fight nausea. Fashionable analysis exhibits it possesses anti-inflammatory properties. Far too many advantages to call…
  • Boosts MetabolismCAYENNE PEPPER stimulates thermogenesis, aka metabolism.
  • Prompts Nutritional vitamins and Enzymes: Coconut palm sugar is chock filled with minerals and far decrease on the glycemic index than common sugar.

How To Use Superfood Espresso

As an alternative of getting an everyday breakfast, have a cup of superfood espresso as a substitute. Now, superfood espresso isn’t an entire meal (that is the right superfood powder meal alternative). 

You possibly can put a bit non-dairy coconut or almond creamer to make it thicker. Many individuals who’ve superfood espresso declare that they will go a number of hours within the morning with out having any strong meals. They really feel extra targeted and don’t endure from vitality crashes.

Strive doing intermittent fasting (which is fasting for roughly 14-16 hours per day) after which breaking your quick not with superfood espresso however with our 55-ingredient SUPERFOOD phytonutrient powder. Then wait 20 minutes or so earlier than having a cup of Superfood Espresso for breakfast. Full your break-fast later within the morning or early afternoon with SUPER PROTEIN plant-based full important amino acid powder. 


How To Make Superfood Espresso


Put together espresso of your selection (we want truthful commerce gentle roast; see above for clarification). Pour right into a blender. Add different elements (tsp or just a few shakes for every besides a splash every of black pepper and cayenne pepper) to the blender. 

Mix for 10 seconds on medium energy. Like your espresso tremendous foamy? Buy an electrical frother and place the non-dairy creamer within the frother. Prime your superfood espresso with the non-dairy frothed cream. Yum!


How To Minimize Down On Espresso & Preserve Your Vitality Up

A cup or two of espresso day by day might be advantageous. However in the event you’re consuming a number of cups, you could need to lower down. That mentioned, it’s arduous to surrender one thing that helps get you thru the day.


But when your espresso consumption results in a vicious cycle the place you’re lifeless to the world within the morning with out it, strive changing your afternoon cups with SUPER FUEL or Tremendous Matcha (or higher but, each!) …


You examine Tremendous Matcha above. It incorporates about one-third of the caffeine as a median cup of espresso.


As for Tremendous Gas, it has a number of energy-supporting adaptogenic elements together with Maca Root, which has been used for hundreds of years in South America by historic high-altitude warriors and modern-day indigenous farm employees.


In America, Maca Root helps women and men increase libido and energy by means of the day. Expertise for your self the liftoff you’ll really feel after consuming Tremendous Gas adaptogenic powder. 

 Do you add any superfood elements to your espresso? Go away a remark beneath…



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