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Pancakes will not flip you right into a zombie as in HBO’s ‘The Final of Us,’ however fungi in flour have been making individuals sick for a very long time

Within the HBO sequence “The Final of Us,” named after the favored online game of the identical identify, the flour provides of the world are contaminated with a fungus referred to as Cordyceps. When individuals eat pancakes or different meals made with that flour, the fungi develop inside their our bodies and switch them into zombies.

As a meals scientist, I examine the impact of processing on the standard and security of fruit and veggies, together with the flour used to make pancakes. Whereas nobody goes to show right into a zombie from consuming pancakes in actual life, flour is usually contaminated with fungi that may produce mycotoxins that make individuals sick. Correct processing and cooking, nonetheless, can usually preserve you secure.

‘The Final of Us’ is premised on a pandemic that brings the world to an apocalyptic collapse.

How widespread is fungi in flour?

Individuals have been consuming bread constructed from wheat for roughly 14,000 years and cultivating wheat for not less than 10,000 years. In 1882, “drunken bread illness” was first documented in Russia, the place individuals reported dizziness, headache, trembling fingers, confusion and vomiting after consuming bread. Lengthy earlier than that, Chinese language peasants have been reporting that consuming pinkish wheat – a key signal of an infection with a mould referred to as Fusarium – brought about them to really feel in poor health. Clearly, fungi have been making individuals sick for a very long time.

Wheat, corn, rice and even fruit and veggies could be contaminated with fungi as they develop within the area. In “The Final of Us,” an epidemiologist theorizes that local weather change is inflicting the fungus to mutate so it may infect people. The unlucky actuality is that fungi have turn out to be extra of an issue in recent times as hotter temperatures encourage their development.

A 2017 examine discovered that over 90% of wheat and corn flour samples in Washington, D.C., contained reside fungi, with Aspergillus and Fusarium the predominant kinds of mould in wheat flour. Fusarium grows on wheat within the area and may trigger a typical agricultural plant illness referred to as fusarium head blight, or scab.

Farmers use a number of methods to cut back this devastating plant illness, together with implementing crop rotation, utilizing resistant varieties and fungicides and minimizing irrigation throughout flowering. After harvesting, they type the grains to take away contaminated wheat earlier than grinding them into flour. Whereas sorting removes many of the contaminated wheat, small quantities of fungi can nonetheless make it into the flour.

Pink wheat stalks infected with fusarium head blight

Wheat contaminated with fusarium head blight have a attribute pink hue.
Tomasz Klejdysz/iStock through Getty Photos Plus

Killing microorganisms in flour

The excellent news is that the majority fungi and different microorganisms die at 160-170 levels Fahrenheit (71-77 levels Celsius). Pancakes are sometimes cooked to an inside temperature of 190-200 F (88-93 C). Different desserts and breads are cooked to inside temperatures wherever from 180 to 210 levels Fahrenheit (82-99 C). So, not like in “The Final of Us,” so long as you bake or fry your dough, you’ll have killed the fungi.

The issue comes when individuals eat the flour with out cooking it first, corresponding to by consuming uncooked cookie dough or “licking the bowl clear.” Each uncooked egg and uncooked flour can include microorganisms that make individuals sick. The microorganisms that public well being officers are most frightened about are E. coli and Salmonella, harmful pathogens that may trigger extreme sickness.

Most individuals don’t understand that the flour they purchase on the retailer is uncooked flour that also accommodates reside microorganisms. Flour is never commercially handled to be fit for human consumption uncooked as a result of shoppers virtually at all times prepare dinner flour-based meals. Whereas shoppers may try and heat-treat uncooked flour at residence, this isn’t really useful as a result of the flour might not be unfold thinly sufficient to kill the entire microorganisms.

Microscopy image of _Aspergillus_

Aspergillus is likely one of the predominant molds present in wheat flour.
tonaquatic/iStock through Getty Photos Plus

Some fungi and microorganisms can create spores, that are like seeds that assist them survive adversarial situations. These spores can survive cooking, drying and freezing. There are even 4,500-year-old yeast spores which have been reawakened and made into bread. These fungal spores hardly ever trigger severe sickness in individuals, besides in these with weakened immune techniques.

Chemical substances could be added to meals to cease fungal development. These components embrace sorbates, benzoates and propionates. Nonetheless, you virtually by no means see these components in flour or pancake combine as a result of fungi can’t develop in a dry powder. The fungi both grew on the wheat within the area or on the bread after it’s baked. For that purpose, you might even see these components in bread however not in a powdered combine.


The largest threat from fungi will not be that it’ll develop inside our our bodies, however that it’ll develop on wheat or different meals and produce chemical compounds referred to as mycotoxins that may trigger extreme well being issues. When wheat is harvested and floor into flour, mycotoxins can get blended in.

Sadly, whereas regular cooking can kill the microorganisms, it doesn’t destroy the mycotoxins. Consuming mycotoxins could cause issues starting from hallucinations to vomiting and diarrhea to most cancers or loss of life. A number of the widespread mycotoxins present in grain embrace aflatoxins, deoxynivalenol, ochratoxin A and fumonisin B.

Moldy pastry on a plate

It is perhaps finest to depart that moldy bread alone.
Yulia Naumenko/Second through Getty Photos

The oldest recognized case of mycotoxin poisoning is recorded as a illness referred to as ergotism. Ergotism was talked about within the Previous Testomony and has been reported in Western Europe since A.D. 800. It has even been recommended that the Salem witch trials have been brought on by an outbreak of ergotism that led its victims to hallucinate, although many have disputed this concept. Wheat is much less doubtless than different grains to have harmful mycotoxins, which is why some have proposed that declining mortality in 18th-century Europe, particularly in England, was because of the change from a rye-based weight loss program to a wheat-based weight loss program.

Finally, you don’t want to fret about consuming these pancakes. Farmers use many methods to attenuate fungal development and take away moldy grain, and the federal government retains a detailed eye on mycotoxin ranges throughout crop manufacturing and storage. Simply be sure to prepare dinner your bakery merchandise earlier than consuming, and don’t eat something that has began to mould.



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