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Tips on how to Soften Butter | Life, Love and Sugar

Able to be taught all about soften butter? It’s an important step in lots of baking recipes that’s typically missed or carried out incorrectly. Let me stroll you thru why it’s vital and 6 alternative ways to do it.

stick of softened butter partially unwrapped on marble background with a fingerprint

The Greatest Approach to Soften Butter

It’s a ceaselessly missed or poorly carried out step in numerous baking recipes. Have you ever ever puzzled why your baked good got here out flat? Or why your batter or dough didn’t whip up correctly? It’s very potential that it had one thing to do with the butter.

While you cream butter and sugar at first of a recipe, you might be actively incorporating air into the dough or batter. That air performs a big function in making your baked items mild and fluffy. Beginning with overly chilly or overly melted butter will wreck the butter’s capability to include air. So take note of the next suggestions and tips on soften butter except you need a dense bread, cookie, cake, or [insert your favorite baked good here].

Why Would You Have to Soften Butter?

When baking with butter, it’s typically an important step to melt it earlier than incorporating it into the recipe. Why? As a result of many recipes require that you simply beat (or cream) the butter (typically with sugar). This course of incorporates air into the dough or batter which performs an vital function in including loft to the tip product. Chilly butter won’t cream properly with the opposite elements.

Room Temperature Butter is Colder Than You Assume

Notice the distinction between softening and melting. It is necessary to not soften your butter to the purpose of melting. You simply need it to return to room temperature. Room temperature butter tends to be round 65 levels F (which is definitely cooler than most kitchens). If it will get a lot hotter than that, it would begin to soften. Melted butter won’t incorporate air in addition to room temperature butter and can seemingly finish you with a dense completed product.

partially opened stick of butter with temperature showing on thermometer

Tips on how to Soften Butter

Now that you understand why softening butter is an important step in making ready baked items, it’s time to discover ways to do it. There are numerous methods to pores and skin the cat right here. I’ve listed them right here (together with a how-to for every), beginning with the tactic that takes the longest period of time and ending with the one which takes the least period of time.


That is maybe the most typical technique of softening butter. It occurs to be the slowest however it’s also my favourite. Regularly softening the butter at room temperature permits the butter to keep up its texture. You simply have to recollect to plan an hour or two forward. Right here’s do it.

  • Take away the butter from the fridge and place it on the counter, nonetheless wrapped.
  • Enable the butter to take a seat for 1-2 hours.
  • Notice. Leaving the butter out for too lengthy (a number of days) may cause the butter to go rancid. So don’t suppose too far forward.
three sticks of butter sitting on countertop

Cubing and Slicing

One other technique that won’t change the feel of the butter is cubing or slicing it and permitting it to melt at room temperature. It solely takes about quarter-hour and produces glorious outcomes.

  • Unwrap the butter and reduce it into 1/2 inch cubes OR 1/4 inch slices and place it in a bowl on the countertop.
  • Let the butter sit for about 20 minutes. Examine the consistency earlier than utilizing it. Relying on the temperature of your kitchen, it could want a bit extra time.
a stick of butter sliced on a countertop


This is without doubt one of the quickest methods to melt butter. I prefer it rather a lot as a result of, identical to the counter technique, the mason jar technique, and the cubing technique, it doesn’t change the feel of the butter. Plus it’s lightning quick and the small items of butter incorporate superbly with different elements. Right here’s soften butter utilizing the grating technique.

  • Simply as you’ll a block of cheese, rub the unwrapped stick of butter in opposition to the grate of a field grater.
  • Use it straight away.
shredded butter in a white bowl

Mason jar technique

It’s also possible to place your butter in a heat mason jar and obtain outcomes much like the countertop technique in a fraction of the time. I really like this technique as a result of it’s comparatively fast and it doesn’t change the feel of the butter. Right here’s do it.

  • Fill a mason jar with water and microwave for a few minutes earlier than discarding the water.
  • Stand the wrapped, chilly butter on a plate and canopy it with the nice and cozy mason jar.
  • Let the butter sit for about 10 minutes.
a stick of butter standing up under a mason jar on a marble background


An environment friendly, but barely much less favorable technique of softening butter is pounding it into a skinny sheet. This technique exposes plentiful floor space to room temperature, permitting the butter to melt in a short time. This technique will change the feel of the butter, so proceed with warning. Right here’s the way you do it.

  • Unwrap the butter and place it between 2 items of plastic wrap.
  • Pound the butter into a skinny sheet (use a kitchen mallet or a rolling pin).
  • Let the butter sit for five minutes earlier than eradicating the plastic wrap and including it to your recipe.
pounded butter between plastic wrap on marble background

Within the microwave

This is without doubt one of the quickest, most hassle-free methods to melt butter. However you do must watch out. Not solely can the microwave soften the butter erratically, however only a bit an excessive amount of time within the microwave may end up in melted butter that gained’t maintain air correctly in your recipe. Right here’s do it as efficiently as potential.

  • Go away the butter wrapped and reduce it 1/2 inch sticks in half in order that they’re only one/4 of a cup.
  • Place the sticks instantly onto the microwave turntable, evenly spaced. Don’t place any instantly within the center.
  • Microwave the butter for five seconds, then rotate to the following aspect. Microwave for an additional 5 seconds. Proceed rotating the butter to the following aspect and microwaving for less than 5 seconds at a time till the butter is softened to the appropriate consistency. It ought to solely take about 30 seconds of microwaving time.
four quarter sticks of butter sitting in the microwave

What’s the Quickest Approach to Soften Butter?

If I’ve deliberate forward properly sufficient, leaving the butter on countertop is certainly the easiest way to go. If I discover myself in a crunch for time and I’m simply able to pop one thing within the oven, the quickest technique is both the microwave, cubing/slicing or the shredding technique. You do must be a little bit cautious with the microwave, so cubing or shredded the butter may greatest.

An extra advantage of the shredding technique is you could add the butter to a recipe even whether it is nonetheless a little bit cool and it ought to incorporate properly with the opposite elements as a result of small dimension of the shreds.

Extra Should-Know Baking Suggestions

I hope this submit about soften butter has been instructional. Baking is a science and you will need to be taught as a lot as you’ll be able to about it with a purpose to obtain the very best outcomes potential. Listed here are just a few different helpful posts that can assist you attain your full potential as a baker.

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