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Evaluation: Pizza Hut – Cheesesteak Soften

Pizza Hut Cheesesteak Melt top-down view.

Pizza Hut’s Cheesesteak Soften includes a handheld soften crammed with melted cheese, sirloin steak strips, inexperienced bell peppers, onions, and garlic parmesan sauce, then completed with butter and parmesan oregano seasoning after baking.

I purchased one for $6.99.

Pizza Hut Cheesesteak Melt side view.

Out of the field, a robust parmesan aroma wafted forth courtesy of the seasoning on high of the soften. The parmesan added a nutty pop of saltiness to the sandwich.

The crust jogged my memory of a considerably chewy, toasted lavash (a Center Jap, skinny flatbread), which is to say it was skinny and crispy with occasional chewier elements. To kind the soften, it regarded like they took half of a skinny crust pizza and, moderately than simply folding it in half, they folded the middle edge in direction of an invisible heart line. They then lower it alongside the middle line after baking. The result’s that you’ve got two soften items with a fold the place you’ll be able to maintain it with out the fillings falling onto your arms. It is an attention-grabbing method, I suppose, as related merchandise sometimes simply take a smaller, entire pizza crust and fold it in half.

Pizza Hut Cheesesteak Melt close-up of sirloin steak piece.

The sirloin steak by itself supplied a frivolously seasoned, beefy taste with a young however oddly breakable texture that jogged my memory of Taco Bell’s steak (which is comprehensible as they’re each a part of Yum! Manufacturers). Because the Cheesesteak Soften is mostly a folded pizza, the steak frequency was notably, however not unexpectedly, lower than you are typically going to seek out in any sort of steak sandwich.

Pizza Hut Cheesesteak Melt cross-section view.

Visually, a lot of the steak items have been a uniform gray with none browning or searing from the precise baking course of. I did catch a couple of edges of browning on a chunk or two that seemed to be from when the steak was initially cooked earlier than transport out to my native Pizza Hut.

Oddly sufficient, the strongest taste that I acquired from the Cheesesteak Soften got here from the bell peppers, which have been fairly crispy and flavorful. Nonetheless, it is typically not the driving taste of most dishes for a cause. The onions appeared to one way or the other have cooked via a bit extra and added a pleasing sweetness.

Pizza Hut Cheesesteak Melt dipped in ranch.

The cheese was delicate and creamy with a satisfying soften to it. There have been additionally some very nice crispy cheese bits from the place it spilled out of the Soften throughout baking.

I attempted a little bit of it dipped within the ranch, and the sauce/dressing simply ended up protecting up the widely delicate taste of the sandwich.

Pizza Hut Cheesesteak Melt bottom crust.

When it comes right down to it, Pizza Hut’s Cheesesteak Soften felt extra like a grilled cheese with a bit of little bit of steak, onions, and bell pepper thrown in moderately than a cheesesteak. The general taste was moderately muted and plain however the varied textures have been effectively carried out.

Dietary Information – Pizza Hut Cheesesteak Soften
Energy – 1100 (from Fats – 600)
Fats – 65g (Saturated Fats – 26g)
Sodium – 2320mg
Carbs – 87g (Sugar – 12g)
Protein – 43g



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