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How This Flower ‘Bee Line’ Protects Pollinators and Your Favourite Vegan Milk

Danone-owned vegan milk model Silk, in collaboration with Pollinator Partnership Canada and native retailers, is celebrating World Bee Day on Might 20 by introducing the “Silk Bee Line” in Montreal, QC to assist bees. 

This distinctive city flower route provides a secure passage for touring pollinators between inexperienced areas. Open to shoppers—and the bees—the Silk Bee Line stretches alongside Place de Castelnau all through the summer season, with taking part companies adorning their premises with vegetation that information pollinators. 


The road additionally contains a pollinator-inspired mural created by famend Canadian artists Marc-Olivier Lamothe and Cath Laporte.

Is almond milk unhealthy for bees?

Bees and different pollinators wield a profound affect on our society and local weather. They’re chargeable for pollinating one-third of the meals we eat day by day, together with quite a few Silk merchandise. 

Sadly, pollinator populations in city areas have been declining as a result of lack of feeding and nesting habitats. The connectivity between flower patches is essential for his or her survival. 


Almond milk, specifically, has a foul fame in terms of its impression on bees. Almond timber depend on cross-pollination, which requires pollinators, particularly bees. However the fertilizer used on the crops is extraordinarily poisonous to the bugs. 

“The bees within the almond groves are being exploited and disrespected,” natural beekeeper Patrick Pynes informed The Guardian in 2020. “They’re in extreme decline as a result of our human relationship to them has develop into so harmful.”

The way to assist pollinators

For that reason, Silk is dedicated to serving to bees. Relying on the bee species, their journey distances can range from a number of kilometers to as little as 100 meters. Simply as people depend on sidewalks, roads, and public transport, pollinators depend upon flower routes to navigate their environment.

Habitat corridors, just like the Silk Bee Line, allow bees with completely different foraging ranges to traverse between patches and entry the nourishment they require. Fiona O’Brien, Advertising Director at Danone Canada, emphasizes Silk’s dedication to supporting well being by way of meals and its dedication to accountable practices. 

“This initiative showcases our dedication to utilizing our scale for good and selling regenerative agriculture practices,” O’Brien stated in an announcement. “Silk is dedicated to defending our pollinators, and we urge Canadians to hitch us on this endeavor.”

To commemorate World Bee Day and the grand opening weekend of the Silk Bee Line, guests can have the chance to gather packets of bee-friendly seeds, additional contributing to the enlargement of the Silk Bee Line and the preservation of pollinator populations in city areas. 

Moreover, Café Larue will provide complimentary espresso made with Silk’s almond milk, a beverage that holds the excellence of being the only Bee Pleasant Farming Licensed almond milk in Canada.

The Silk Bee Line represents an enlargement of the continued Silk Bee Resort billboards initiative created in partnership with the Université de Montreal. 

VegNews.BeeFlower.LisaFotios.PexelsLisa Fotios/Pexels

Now coming into its third 12 months, underneath this initiative, Silk installs bee accommodations—picket constructions that present pollinators with shelter and breeding alternatives—on billboards throughout Canada. These installations permit for the research of native bee populations and pollination surrounding the billboards.

Why do bees make honey?

Along with the essential position bees play in cross-pollinating our plant meals, bees additionally make honey—however similar to dairy, honey isn’t vegan as a result of it’s not meant for human consumption. In truth, honeybees have a outstanding course of of reworking nectar, a candy liquid produced by flowers, into honey. Through the summer season and increasing into fall, employee bees diligently traverse from one flower to a different, utilizing their hole proboscis as a straw to extract nectar.

The bees their assortment of nectar till their second abdomen, referred to as the “honey” abdomen, is stuffed to a considerable portion of their physique weight. At this level, they return to the hive, the place they regurgitate the nectar. 


The nectar then circulates amongst different employee bees, present process a course of that reduces its water content material. This important step happens when the water content material drops to 18 %, stopping the expansion of mould and micro organism. Because of this, the nectar is reworked into honey, which the employee bees deposit into wax chambers.

The aim behind this intricate process is simple: By creating honey, the honeybees make sure that the hive stays nourished and equipped all through the colder months. Whereas some bees, like bumblebees, hibernate to outlive the winter, honeybees stay lively, counting on their honey reserves to maintain the colony.

Kelly Payments, Govt Director at Pollinator Partnership Canada, is glad Silk helps to lift consciousness in regards to the essential position of pollinators in our ecosystems. “Many pollinator populations are in decline, primarily as a result of lack of habitats,” Payments stated in an announcement. “We’re proud to collaborate with Silk, and collectively, we are able to all contribute to supporting wholesome and sustainable pollination.”

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